RHODIUS KSM 100x7x16 metal/steel grinding disc RDSGKSM100

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The classic for the price-conscious expert grinds easily and with good service life. Ideal for low-drive machines.

• Pleasant grinding behavior •
Good machining • Long service life

Machine suitability:
The KSM cutting disc is suitable for manual use for angle grinders as well as for high-frequency (HF) and compressed air machines of all performance classes. Material suitability:
The KSM is specially adapted for use on steel (black steel also called structural steel, St37, S235JR, 1.0037 or carbon steel) and cast steel.

Construction and production:
The cutting disc contains high-quality corundum (alumina) and 2 full-surface glass fiber fabrics.

The minimum side load for the cutting disc is 40 N according to EN 12413 and oSa, or 50 N from diameter 150 mm. In the drilling ring, the expiration date (three years) is imprinted. Complex in-process controls in production ensure consistent quality. In order to provide maximum safety, every thousandth disc is tested destructively. This is a disc in a straight form (Form 41). Separating discs with a straight shape allow a greater immersion depth and thus also more cuts.

Application: In application, the KSM convinces with an aggressive cut and excellent smoothness.
With this separating disc, it is particularly economical to work. This RHODIUS quality tool is particularly suitable for separating structural steel, beams, profiles, plates and trusses.

Dimensions: The freehand cutting disc with a disc width of 3.0 mm is available in diameters of 115 mm to 230 mm.

Industries: It is the perfect tool for the diverse applications and challenges of building fitters as well as in plant construction, container construction, foundry or cleaning, boiler and container construction, structural steel construction, pipeline construction, GaLa construction and assembly